Lindsey Fenner

Executive Board at-Large
(612) 543-5801

Penn Lake Library

Lindsey began with the County as a limited duration employee. After several years with an intermittent, non-continuous or irregular in nature schedule, she finally achieved a permanent position as an Office Specialist II/Library Specialist at Penn Lake Library in Bloomington. She enjoys connecting library patrons with resources and then putting them back on the shelf again (the resources, not the patrons).

She got involved in Local 2822 because she realized things don’t change unless someone DOES something, and that someone might as well be her. Lindsey is also a 2822 lead for the regular Library-Union Meet and Confers, and she is the editor of Local 2822’s monthly newsletter, A New Voice, with the help of her assistant cat-itors, Lulu and Althea.

When Lindsey isn’t reading or writing about labor issues and other things, she likes to dig in the dirt in her community garden and go on nature adventures with her partner.