Contract 2018

Contract negotiations have begun!

Hennepin County AFSCME Locals submitted our opening proposal on Monday, May 7. Both the Master Proposal (changes which impact all of the locals bargaining together) and the supplemental proposals (for the individual bargaining units) are available in full below as PDFs to view/download. These proposals do not include wages and healthcare, which will be bargained later in the process.

Hennepin County gave their opening proposal on Monday, May 21. Their full proposal is available in full below as a PDF to view/download. Top on their agenda: attacking union rights and our right to free speech; making it easier for the employer to discipline workers; and curtailing seniority rights and pay differentials. The changes were divisive, pitting newer workers against senior workers. No concrete wage proposals have been submitted but the employer is telling us they think steps are too generous and insurance costs need to go up. 

Bargaining Dates May-June (more to come):

Monday, May 7, 9AM: Union Opening Proposal

Monday, May 21, 9AM: County Opening Proposal

Thursday, May 31, 9AM: Bargaining Session #1

Tuesday, June 12, 9AM: Bargaining Session #2

Thursday, June 14, 9AM: Bargaining Session #3

Friday, June 29, 9AM: Local 2822 Supplementals Bargaining Session

Thursday, August 2– Bargaining Day #4

Monday, August 6– Bargaining Day #5

TBD- Additional Local 2822 Supplementals Bargaining Session 

Monday, August 20– Bargaining Day #6

Thanks to our table team:

Brianne Carmichael (HSPHD), Shane Clune (Library), Ali Fuhrman (Library), DJ Hooker (Library), Rosine Johnson (Service Center), Jayne Mikulay (Library), Adonna Swift (HSPHD), Anthony Ware (HSPHD), Daniel Winker (IT/Central Imaging), Rita Watson (County Attorney), Val Wiggins (PSF), and Jacky Wilson (PSF).

And thanks to everyone who came to a meeting, submitted a survey, talked to a coworker, and helped make sure the voices of Hennepin County Clerical workers were heard!

After presenting our proposals on May 7, we showed Hennepin County who’s boss at our Contract Campaign Kickoff Rally at the North Plaza of the HC Government Center. It was a beautiful day for a rally! Check out the videos and pictures on our Facebook page:

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United We Bargain, Divided We Beg!

Our power is in our numbers. We will need you to show up to a rally, sign a petition, attend a meeting, talk to coworkers, and make some noise!  

Who are we? AFSCME! Who does the work? WE DO!