Mandy Roberts-Amo is a teacher’s assistant at an elementary school in upstate New York, where she helps a legally blind child get through his day. His name is Jonathan. To Mandy, helping Jonathan learn and improve is more than a job, it’s a calling. And that’s in part because to her Jonathan is more than a student.

On Sept. 11, 2001, we as a nation faced a tragedy unique in our history.

Kicking off the Hennepin County contract campaign with a rally at the Government Center in Minneapolis!


Hear about how the employer is getting out of paying for what they said they would. 

Get updates fromm the Jail and Northpoint, see more about Convention Nominees and more in Septembers Issue of A New Voice.

LAS VEGAS – Corrections workers have become the first group of state workers to ask to be recognized as AFSCME in contract negotiations since Nevada adopted a law in June giving state employees the right to collectively bargain.

The corrections unit filed for recognition Friday with the state’s Government Employee-Management Relations Board after majority of the staff asked to be represented in contract talks as AFSCME Local 4041.

This year’s winner of the Gerald W. McEntee Scholarship is someone who defends workers' rights, supports her community and is deeply involved in her union. 

TAKE ACTION Now to DECREASE Healthcare Costs

Thursday July 18th Union representatives met with management to discuss healthcare plans for 2020 aspart of our Labor Management Health Care Committee. We had some big wins. Going into the meeting Labor had two solid demands we agreed not to back away from: