Kicking off the Hennepin County contract campaign with a rally at the Government Center in Minneapolis!

The coronavirus aid package that cleared Congress is just not good enough for public service workers. That’s the takeaway message from AFSCME President Lee Saunders.

After our meeting with management on Wednesday, February 12, we have the following information to share:

Human Resources agreed to the following:

Local 2822 held nominations for officers, one trustee, Minneapolis and St. Paul Regional Labor Federation delegates, and delegates to the Special AFSCME North-Central Legislative District Convention at the February 5 membership meeting. No nominations were contested which means there will be no elections in March.

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) emerges in the United States, many AFSCME members are and will continue to be on the front lines caring for and transporting those afflicted with the virus. Workers in emergency services, health care, child care, educational institutions and many others may come in contact with people who’ve contracted the coronavirus, putting themselves at risk.

After meeting with the employer on January 22, 2020, we now have an MOU for members to vote on. Our team made our proposal for wage increases of 10% to all incumbents of the job classes of Service Center Representative and Service Center Representative Senior, with additional adjustments to the ranges for those job classes to bring them to market value. Our proposal included retroactive pay.

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March 2020's a New Voice Newsletter is out. Find out the Election Results, and update on the Service Center Service Rep's effort to acheive better pay. Also find out how AFSCME Hennepin County stands in solidarity with Service Employees International Union. All this and more in this months edition of the New Voice.

On the eve of Saturday’s Nevada Democratic primary caucuses, AFSCME members and retirees gathered at a Las Vegas restaurant to hear one last time from presidential candidates on the issues that matter most to working families.