AFSCME Grievance Against Unilateral Changes to Our Benefits

Hennepin County HR has made significant changes that could lessen the value of our benefits. On March 21, without prior consultation with our AFSCME Local Unions, HR Director Michael Rossman announced an end to the practice of using our Vacation/PTO right before retirement. On April 4 Kathy Krepsky of HR Benefits announced changes that severely limit the number of Vacation/PTO hours workers can cash out each year. 

This represents an attack on our benefits and a potential financial loss for us all.

Due to severe staffing shortages, vacation requests are routinely denied due to “business need.” Others have such high caseloads they are never able to take vacation. 

  1.  Using or “running out” Vacation/PTO before retirement allows workers to fully use the benefits they’ve earned.
  2. Cashing out a portion of their leave each year ensures workers with high leave balances and who are not close to retirement the ability to keep accruing hours and receive a lump sum in lieu of time off.

We will not allow the County to chip away at our hard-earned benefits. Our unions filed a class action grievance to stop this change in practice and violation of our contract. 

Earlier this year we lost a class action grievance against the County that denied 87 workers who had their performance review at the end of 2018 their step increase. From this loss we learned we cannot rely on the grievance procedure alone to protect our rights. 

AFSCME leaders will be meeting with Commissioners to ask they stand with us against this change. They need to know their workers and constituents are also against these changes.

We need YOU to contact your Hennepin County Commissioner!

Hi my name is ___________. I am your constituent, a Hennepin County Employee and a proud union member. I am calling to ask that you respect workers, uphold our contract, and rescind the recent changes to Vacation/PTO run out and cash out. Thank you. 

Find your commissioner here: 

If you don’t live in Hennepin County call the Commissioner Chair Marion Greene,

District 1: Commissioner Mike Opat:  [email protected] 612-348-7881
District 2: Commissioner Irene Fernando: [email protected] 612-348-7882
District 3: Commissioner Marion Greene: [email protected] 612-348-7883
District 4: Commissioner Angela Conley: [email protected] 612-348-7884
District 5: Commissioner Debbie Goettel: [email protected] 612-348-7885
District 6: Commissioner Jan Callison: [email protected] 612-348-7886
District 7: Commissioner Jeff Johnson: [email protected] 612-348-7887