Class Action Grievance Filed

Hennepin County AFSCME Locals have filed a class action grievance against Hennepin County for violating our 2016-2018 contract regarding performance raises.

On 12/3/2018 Hennepin County and Michael Rossman, Chief HRO, sent notice that any employee who has a performance review between 12/23/18-12/31/2018 will not get a step increase as guaranteed under our current contract but rather the flat 3% negotiated for our 2019-2021 contract. The Union filed a class action grievance on behalf of all AFSCME workers at Hennepin County on 12/06/2018 asserting this is a violation of our 2016-2018 contract.

On Friday 12/07/2018, the Union’s attorney spoke with Kathy Megarry, head of Hennepin County Labor Relations, and the County’s Chief Legal Advisor. This meeting offered no resolution to the grievance at this meeting and the Union is proceeding to Arbitration in January.

Arbitration is a little like court. Each side will present its arguments and a third-party Arbitrator from the State Bureau of Mediation Services will issue a ruling in favor of one side or the other.

A little context: Article 38. Salary Adjustments Section 3. of our contract states that we receive our performance increase starting the next full pay period after we receive our performance evaluation.

The County is arguing that since workers with reviews between 12/23/2018-12/31/2018 won’t see the increase until 2019, their pay should be based on the 2019 contract and not our 2018 Contract. For the overwhelming majority of workers this would mean a financial loss.

The Union’s position is that we should receive the step increase as stipulated in our current contract because the review is for 2018.

This is a violation of our contract. If you had a review between these dates or have any further questions, please contact us!