See leave chart for more information:

Questions: Email HR Service Center [email protected]  or call 612-348-7855 

For when you get sick, have to care for sick or quarantine

You do not have to use your sick time if you have to quarantine due to a COVID-19 exposure, if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or if you care for someone who has been quarantined.  Instead, you can use COVID-19 leave. If you work are working remotely you have 160 hours of COVID-19 leave and if you are working onsite you have 240 hours of COVID-19:

  1. 80 hours Federal COVID-19 Leave (time code FCV if caring for self. FCL if caring for another. If caring for another only receive ⅔ pay and supplement with sick/vacation/holiday/PTO or unemployment. To access fill out this form: request form)
  2. 80 hours County COVID-19 Leave (if working remotely)
  3. 160 hours County COVID-19 Leave (if working on-site)

Leave Options for Parents/caregivers of school-age children 

The County Attorney’s office has instructed departments to work with parents and caregivers who are struggling with childcare. 

Expanded Family Medical Leave Act: 

Up to 12 weeks of ⅔ pay if your child’s school or daycare is closed due to COVID-19. Time code FCC. You can supplement the remaining ⅓ with sick/vacation/holiday/PTO leave balances or unemployment which is about 60% of your wages. 

To access this leave out this form: request form

If you are designated an essential Tier one worker and cannot find childcare you are eligible for this leave: contact the Leave and Accommodations office 612-348-4082, or email [email protected]. They will work with you to get an accommodation so you can access the FMLA leave. 

Those who are not eligible:

  • Already used 12 weeks of regular FMLA in the calendar year
  • Not eligible for leave if childcare is available or school is open to in-person learning

At-risk or caring for someone at risk and fighting for leave?

If you are at risk or care for someone at risk you can request a leave of absence by notifying your supervisor and the Leave and Accommodations Office (LAM)

[email protected]. If approved you can use your leave balances, use SLWOP (Special Leave Without Pay 160 hours), and unpaid leave.

Having trouble? email [email protected].We are doing our best to help folks navigate this process WHILE also fighting for paid leave for at-risk workers.