Department of Community Corrections, Probation

The Department of Corrections, Adult Field Services Dept. has started recalling OSIII’s back to work, on a rotational part-time basis. Since being recalled back to work, they have run into several issues in the office, such as equipment not working properly, no supervisory support to assist with these issues as they arise, being the lone worker in each location and thus having safety concerns or the inability to get adequate breaks. There was a case of COVID at one office, yet the OSIII in that office was never asked to quarantine themself or get tested for COVID. There are questions regarding a policy stating the support staff need to contact their supervisor prior to coming into the office on their personal time for a screening before their scheduled start time at work. Many OSIII’s have daycare issues and it is not determined how these will be addressed with children going back to school soon, and many schools having only virtual online classes. POS’ at JDC have been told they need to come back on a one week per month rotation. Is this necessary, and what is the reasoning behind this decision? COVID levels are still very high in the community. Do we need to take the unnecessary risk of exposing our support staff to COVID, purely to collect fees and assist front desk locations with clients? Could this be handled in a different, safer manner until there is a vaccine?

These are questions our Local 2822 has and we need answers. Especially since David Hough, Hennepin Co. Administrator, has stressed that those workers working remotely, should continue to do so till the end of the year.