Nominations and Elections of Executive Board and Trustees to Local 2822

This is a notice calling for nominations for the AFSCME Local 2822 offices of President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, (2) Chief Stewards, (4) Members-at-Large, (1) Trustee, and delegates to the Minneapolis and St. Paul Regional Labor Federations on WEDNESDAY, February 6 at 6:30PM, Minneapolis Central Library, Doty Board Room.

A member must be in good standing for one year immediately preceding the election to be nominated for office. Any contested race for a position will be determined by a secret ballot vote at the March 6 membership meeting. Duties of these roles are outlined in Article VII of Local 2822's Constitution, available on our website. Anyone with questions or interest in running for office should contact an officer listed on the back page. Voters must be full dues-paying members of Local 2822. Local 34 Anti-Discrimination Committee Ask/Demands of Hennepin County Endorsed by Local 2822, General Membership Meeting, January 2, 2019

  1. Because data from information request shows specific disproportionate involuntary terminations of workers of color, we demand a review of all terminations for the past 6 years for workers of color for possible discrimination. Reinstatement and/or reparations for workers of color (with voluntary terminations-ineligible for rehire and with involuntary terminations) that may have included discrimination at any step.
  2. Clear all files of workers disciplined that involves possible discrimination for past 6 years.
  3. Track all disciplines (oral, written, suspension and termination) by race, ethnicity, age, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, length of service. Share all tracking on scheduled basis (e.g. every 3 months) with AFSCME Hennepin County Unions
  4. Initiate an independent review and data collection on results of the Non-Discrimination and Respectful Workplace process, eg. how many complaints ended up favorable to the grievant.
  5. Replace the current NDRW process with an objective and independent body that is not comprised of employees of Hennepin County- that will utilize clear and well-defined criteria to investigate complaints of discrimination and implicit bias in the work-place. Develop confidential means of reporting (that is truly confidential).
  6. Establish an independent review to identify institutional policies that facilitate discrimination against workers of color and institute needed policy changes.
  7. Mandate intensive training for management beyond the 8 hours of diversity training.
  8. Collect and track data on Supervisors that details disciplines/terminations of workers, especially workers of color, as well as grievances/complaints of discrimination from workers.
  9. Hold discriminatory supervisors accountable by demotion/termination/removing from positions of power.
  10. Institute processes for annual mandatory performance reviews of supervisors to be completed by direct workers/staff. Results should go to the appropriate Department Director or higher. All concerns/complaints must be addressed.
  11. Provide time (on county time) for Union Representatives to visit and discuss rights and reporting options at team meetings.