We Deserve Safe Workplaces!

No one should feel like work isn’t safe. But we have been hearing more from workers that they don’t always feel safe at work and they don’t feel like their concerns are being listened to. Many 2822 jobs have the potential to cause long-term physical harm. Many of us interact directly with the public with few boundaries.

Although there were many complicating factors, Dawn was injured at work by a lift-stick, a piece of machinery used in libraries to move heavy tubs of books. It was clearly an accident, but also a reminder that seemingly small things, like the recent remodel of the Excelsior Library workroom, can have tragic unintended consequences.

2822 is committed to safe workplaces. Since Dawn’s death, we have been working on getting representatives on departmental workplace safety and security committees, and getting more information about worksite remodels.

If you have workplace safety concerns, contact a union representative!