Thanks to efforts by the Biden administration and AFSCME, many public service workers, 

Many AFSCME members work in high-stress fields such as public safety, health care, emergency medical services and firefighting.

Six weeks ago I was recalled back to a different library to start providing grab and go services. This site had already been operating for about a week and I was horrified at the lack of safety procedures in place from the PES. Here, patrons were getting 10+ reminders from multiple staff and security to wear their masks. Sometimes we would be ignored, other times patrons would momentarily pull it up/put it on and then remove it once the staff member walks away.

On July 6, I asked Lt. Lambertson if someone in maintenance could vacuum the records area once or twice a week.  It took a day before they sent someone down to vacuum our area.  Previously the Records area had not been vacuumed for weeks.  (It was getting ridiculous.)

On August 2, an e-mail was sent Lt. Lambertson asking for dividers in between our desk and common walkways around our desk. 

As of 8/31/2020, some of the Service Centers ongoing requests have been the following:

The Department of Corrections, Adult Field Services Dept. has started recalling OSIII’s back to work, on a rotational part-time basis. Since being recalled back to work, they have run into several issues in the office, such as equipment not working properly, no supervisory support to assist with these issues as they arise, being the lone worker in each location and thus having safety concerns or the inability to get adequate breaks. There was a case of COVID at one office, yet the OSIII in that office was never asked to quarantine themself or get tested for COVID.

We still have two pending arbitrations for retaliatory suspensions against workers in the call center. We are fighting to get the County to remove the discipline and pay the workers for the time they missed from work. 

We are working remotely with nothing much to be concerned with. We got clarifying questions concerning the silent monitoring process.  

See leave chart for more information:

Questions: Email HR Service Center [email protected]  or call 612-348-7855 

Hennepin County spends nearly 1 million dollars to pay for the health and wellness service from “virgin pulse.” Employees are required to complete a number of tasks on this app in order to reduce office visit copays. In other words, they spend a lot of money and waste a lot of our time to create a barrier to accessing the healthcare we pay for every month.

Over the course of the past 3 years, our health care costs have increased by around 11%. We, as employees NOT THE COUNTY,  have shouldered the vast majority of these increases through the introduction of co-pays, pharmacy co-pays, out of pocket maximums, and deductibles.