The new year brings good news for millions of working Americans. Nearly 7 million of them are in line to get pay raises this year thanks to state and local minimum-wage hikes.

New Year, Who dis? 2822 is setting the tone for the new year, calling for submitting grievances when the County steps outside the contract, holding the line when it comes to Healthcare for union members, and digging deep planning for the 2021-2023 contract. Then take a look at the letter sent to Library Board and Commissioners regarding the Library Director hiring process. 

VERY IMPORTANT: 2822 Elections are in February! 

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UPDATE and CORRECTION: Hennepin Health Workers had a meeting with HH admin on 11/6. CEO Anne Kanyusik Yoakum agreed to talk to Hennepin County HR Director Michael Rossman about addressing pay equity issues. We need to keep calling! When we fight we win!


Hennepin Health CEO Anne Kanyusik Yoakum: 612-543-3789 
[email protected] (corrected email)


Marvin Timmons is a self-declared union man, through and through. He’s also a veteran; a “mechanical guy;” a loving husband, grandfather and brother; a lover of animals and nature; and, in his own words, a “forever optimist.”

And to his coworkers and supervisors at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, where Marvin has spent the past 15 summers working in building maintenance, grounds keeping and security at Upper Sioux State Park near Granite Falls, Marvin is much more than a colleague. He’s an inspiration.

As a public librarian for the Philadelphia Free Library, Sheila O’Steen embodies what we think of when we imagine a public service worker. Every day, she interacts with members of her community. Whether her patrons are young or old, affluent or impoverished, O’Steen shares knowledge and information with everyone she serves.

The 1965 Voting Rights Act worked. In the years and decades that followed its implementation, the law helped minority voters make their voices heard, especially African Americans who had been discriminated against at the polls. As a result, our democracy became stronger.

But in 2013, despite bipartisan reauthorization of the law by Congress, the Supreme Court gutted it, ruling 5-4 that a key provision was no longer necessary because the Voting Rights Act had worked and the problem was fixed.

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Coming fresh off the press December's isssue of A New voice with developments with Hennepin Healthcare members, developments with Service Center wage adjustment proposal, followed by announcements and events.