Contract Negotiations Start May 7!

What you need to know:

Contract Campaign Kickoff Rally

Monday, May 7, 12PM-1PM

Hennepin County Government Center,

North Plaza

 (One hour of lost time is available.)

On Tuesdays We Wear Green!

As public-sector workers, we earn our pay by looking after the needs of our communities, and we recognize the vital role that public school teachers, and all teachers, play in enriching the lives and minds of our children. We also recognize that teachers, and all public workers, face escalating attacks from the business class and its drudges in federal, state, and local governments. We all face creeping privatization and ratcheting take-backs of health benefits and wages. We all are forced to do more work with less staff and fewer resources every year.

The voices of almost 30 AFSCME Local 2822 activists rang through the Hennepin County Gov-ernment Center atrium as part of a day-long action-packed Local 2822 retreat for activists, stew-ards, and officers on April 16. The day started with a report from our president, Ali Fuhrman, on how far we have come in the past year as a union in fighting for workers in Hennepin County, and how far we still need to go. Workers from some of our most represented departments spoke about their struggles and successes in advocating for themselves, their coworkers, and the com-munities we serve.

The May edition is all about solidarity: with teachers around the U.S., with communities and workers in times of struggle, and the power we have together. Contract negotiations start May 7! Come make some noise at the Contract Campaign Kickoff Rally, Monday, May 7, 12-1PM, at the North Plaza of the Government Center. United We Bargain, Divided We Beg!

It’s been three years since we were in contract negotiations and our union is ramping up again for our next contract battle. Last round we won a $15 minimum wage. This round we’re looking at a large general wage increase and expanding protections for workers and union activists. As of this writing we are still finalizing our proposals. Here’s a little on what to expect and the process:

On Saturday, March 17, AFSCME Local 2822 joined in solidarity with workers at HCMC fighting for a fair contract. Over a hundred workers, families, and community members marched in the spring sunshine outside of the sparkling new HCMC Specialty Center in downtown Minneapolis.

Minnesota is one of the worst states for racial inequality. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Minnesota also has one of the greatest rates of disparity for opioid-related deaths based on race. Hennepin County public library workers have been seeing the reality of this, especially in libraries that primarily serve communities of color. In January 2018, a Franklin Library patron died at HCMC, after overdosing in the library restroom. Another patron overdosed the next morning in Franklin Library. Although this is absolutely heartbreaking, it was not surprising.

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April has a contract update, opioids in our libraries, college scholarship information, solidarity with HCMC workers, and lots of events! Most importantly, contract negotiations start May 7, with a kick-off rally on Monday, May 7, 12PM-1PM at the North Plaza of the HC Government Center!

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