Salutations Union family, this is an update on class action grievances from your AFSCME 2822 chief steward and on behalf of all of our stewards in AFSCME 2822.

During the past three years we have fought for all of our AFSCME 2822 members and this has resulted in more grievances being filed for our Union members regarding Just Cause for discipline. In addition to these grievances, we have moved from fighting for individual grievance into what we call “class action grievances.”

Thanks to everyone willing to serve our union as an elected representative! Three members were nominated for the two Co-Chief Steward positions: Shane Clune, Sam Gutierrez, and Genae Nicole. Genae Nicole has since decided to not run for Chief Steward, and there will be no balloted election at the March Membership Meeting. Officers will be sworn in at the March meeting. The following offices were nominated without contest at the February membership meeting and were elected by unanimous consent:

March has officer election/nomination results, another contract input meeting on March 7, an update on 2822 class action grievances, news from the Service Center, why your story matters in the labor movement, and more! Also, we need YOU for the contract negotiations bargaining team!

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United We Bargain, 

Divided We Beg!

The starting date for contract negotiations has been set! Negotiations will start May 7, 2018. 

We've set a date for contract negotiations to start! (May 7!) Look for contract surveys and come to our contract meeting February 15! Also, nominations and elections of officers, solidarity with U of MN Teamsters, get to know your Union Representatives, and more! Click on the link below to view/download as a PDF.

In looking for appropriately seasonal clip art, I stumbled upon something I wasn’t looking for. Among the images of noisemakers and party hats and old men and babies, there were old engravings of a person with two faces, inscribed at the bottom “Janus.” If you’re reading this, you’ve probably also read previous articles about a Supreme Court Case, Janus v. AFSCME Council 31, that threatens (perhaps) the very existence of public sectors unions in the United States. I had known that Janus was also a Roman deity, portrayed with two faces. What I hadn’t known was Janus’ symbolic meaning.

The New Year's Edition has updates for our contract negotiations, musings on Janus, books to help us change the world, and a union word find! Click on the link below to view/download as a PDF

Hardworking Americans’ right to retire with dignity is in danger because billionaires are spending a lot of money to take away our pensions.

John Arnold is one of the worst offenders. He’s a former Enron trader who’s spent $50 million of his own fortune trying to gut retirement security nationally. Enron’s implosion caused billions of dollars of losses to its workers and their families, including a $1.5 billion hit to public pension assets. Yet Arnold escaped with an $8 million bonus right before the crash.