AFSCME Council 5's Day on the Hill is our biggest and most powerful event of the year. DOTH 2019 will take place on Tuesday, March 26. Registration is open now through March 21, 2019.
At the AFSCME International Conference in Boston this year, we remembered that, despite the attacks on labor unions, AFSCME will and does Rise Up! Taking the ‘Rise Up!’ message to Las Vegas, AFSCME International gathered over 160 volunteer member organizers (VMOs) from around the country to share the benefits of collective bargaining.

The August New Voice is available now! We are in the final stretch of contract negotiations, plus a Healthcare update, a 2822 worksite spotlight on the Juvenile Detention Center, and reflections on the Janus v. AFSCME decision. And it wouldn't be summer without picnics: August 5 is our Local 2822 picnic and August 19 is the MN Council 5 picnic.

The Janus case was an attempt to deliver a knockout blow to millions of working people and their families who looked to the Supreme Court as an independent institution that advances equal rights and fundamental freedoms for all.

 On June 29, AFSCME Local 2822, representing clerical and support staff in Hennepin County, presented our supplemental contract proposals to the County (a full copy of our initial proposals is available below). Another 2822 supplemental bargaining meeting will be scheduled soon. The Master Contract Bargaining on Wages continues in August.

On the heels of high profile walkouts, new organizing and spiking approval for unions, union leaders see the SCOTUS decision as a rallying point to unrig the economy and put workers first.

The 2018 Contract campaign continues! Locals 34, 552, 1719, 2822, 2864, and 2938 are at the table. The Union will keep members updated through this newsletter known as “Table Talk” Please keep in mind, Economic Issues will not be discussed in negotiations until August.

When he first took a job at the Centralia Correctional Center in Illinois, Keith Kracht knew that a career in public service wouldn’t make him a millionaire. But then again, that’s not why he went into public service.

AFSCME President Lee Saunders lashed out at the Trump administration after President Donald Trump signed a series of executive orders to make it easier to fire federal workers and weaken their unions.