AFSCME Council 5's Day on the Hill is our biggest and most powerful event of the year. DOTH 2019 will take place on Tuesday, March 26. Registration is open now through March 21, 2019.
At the AFSCME International Conference in Boston this year, we remembered that, despite the attacks on labor unions, AFSCME will and does Rise Up! Taking the ‘Rise Up!’ message to Las Vegas, AFSCME International gathered over 160 volunteer member organizers (VMOs) from around the country to share the benefits of collective bargaining.
When AFSCME members stand together, we have power in numbers. Together, we can defend our freedom to take our loved ones to the doctor when they get sick and retire with dignity some day. Together, we have the power to make our voices heard at work and in our democracy. That’s our AFSCME Agenda.

Last time, we covered dos and don’ts for new employees. This month, we will consider contradictory instructions and the need to document.

Welcome to your new job at Hennepin County! We hope you will have a great experience here. For the best chance of success during your probationary period, here are some recommendations, taken from actual steward cases:

Public service workers across the country are losing their foothold in the middle class. So says an article in The New York Times this week that serves as a reminder of why labor unions are more needed now than ever.

Contract Negotiations Start May 7!

What you need to know:

Contract Campaign Kickoff Rally

Monday, May 7, 12PM-1PM

Hennepin County Government Center,

North Plaza

 (One hour of lost time is available.)

On Tuesdays We Wear Green!

As public-sector workers, we earn our pay by looking after the needs of our communities, and we recognize the vital role that public school teachers, and all teachers, play in enriching the lives and minds of our children. We also recognize that teachers, and all public workers, face escalating attacks from the business class and its drudges in federal, state, and local governments. We all face creeping privatization and ratcheting take-backs of health benefits and wages. We all are forced to do more work with less staff and fewer resources every year.