Fair Wage for Healthcare Workers

UPDATE and CORRECTION: Hennepin Health Workers had a meeting with HH admin on 11/6. CEO Anne Kanyusik Yoakum agreed to talk to Hennepin County HR Director Michael Rossman about addressing pay equity issues. We need to keep calling! When we fight we win!


Hennepin Health CEO Anne Kanyusik Yoakum: 612-543-3789 
[email protected] (corrected email)


HR Director Michael Rossman: 612-348-6761  [email protected]

and say: End the retaliation! Pay Equity Now!

Hennepin Health Workers Demand Equal Pay and an End to Union Retaliation!

Imagine you get a new manager. This manager comes from the private sector. She takes some of your job duties away to create a new “team” staffed by workers from her old company who make $6 more an hour at top pay than you and your co-workers, some of whom have worked for the County 20+ years. Oh, and did I say you never get the opportunity to apply for this new position? And that one of your co-workers is placed on this team but never given a raise? Sound crazy? Well that’s just what’s happening at Hennepin Health, where Hennepin Health Service Representatives (HHSRs) who work in a call center are fighting for pay equity.

This past month we delivered a letter to CEO Anne Kanyusik Yoakum, demanding an increase in HHSRs pay to reflect the pay of their Admin Assistant colleagues. One HHSR has been doing the same job as Admin Assistants for over 3 years but was never reclassified. After we brought this up to management, they booted him from the Provider team back to the Member team. Back pay and promotion now!

Since delivering the letter, management has issued suspensions to two workers. These workers had no prior discipline. In fact, no one in their division had received discipline this year other than an oral reprimand. The disciplines are a clear act of retaliation for HHSR’s organizing for pay equity. Rescind the discipline now!

Hennepin Health has kept workers divided through fear, unequal pay and treatment. Call Hennepin Health CEO Anne Kanyusik Yoakum and say: End the retaliation! Pay Equity Now!


Hi Anne, my name is (optional)______________ and I work for Hennepin Health/ Hennepin County/am a member of Hennepin Health Insurance/resident of Hennepin County. I am calling to demand equal pay for Hennepin Health Service Reps and an end to union retaliation. End the retaliation, rescind the disciplines! Pay Equity Now!