2020 Officer and Delegate Nomination Results!

Local 2822 held nominations for officers, one trustee, Minneapolis and St. Paul Regional Labor Federation delegates, and delegates to the Special AFSCME North-Central Legislative District Convention at the February 5 membership meeting. No nominations were contested which means there will be no elections in March.

President: Ali Fuhrman, Library
Vice President: Jayne Mikulay, Library
Treasurer: Tonicia Ambrose, HHS
Recording Secretary: Brett Schlosser, Library
Membership Secretary: Rita Watson, County Attorney’s Office
Co-Chief Steward: Regina Jones, Northpoint
Co-Chief Steward: Shane Clune, Library
Trustee: Dari Kolstad, HHS
Executive Board At-Large (4): Lindsey Fenner, Library; Valerie Wiggins, Sheriff’s Office; Anthony Ware, HHS; DJ Hooker, Library
Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation: Anthony Ware, Shane Clune, Paris Koehler, DJ Hooker, Brett Schlosser
St. Paul Regional Labor Federation: Rita Watson, (1 vacant)
Special AFSCME North-Central Legislative District Convention 2/29/2020: Ali Fuhrman, DJ Hooker, Anthony Ware, Shane Clune, Dari Kolstad